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“Girl About Lisbon” fashion editorial, Portugal

“Girl About Lisbon”

Fashion editorial featured in Joule Magazine

Model: Ines Reis

Modeling Agency: Best Models Agency – Lisbon

Stylist: Prim In My Pumps

Creative Direction: Matt + Lena Photography & Prim In My Pumps

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INES wears MISSGUIDED (dress)

fashion Matt+Lena Photography-1missguided dress, fashionMatt+Lena Photography-1-10Lisbon fashion

INES wears DOLCE & GABBANA (dress)

FashionFashion Photography Portugal, Matt+Lena Photography-17fashion photography Europefashion photography Europelifestylefashion, Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana DressDolce & Gabbana DressDolce & Gabbana DressFashionFashionMatt+Lena Photography-1-7fashion lisbon

INES wears ZARA (black romper)

Matt+Lena Photography-1-2fashion Portugalfashion photography LisbonMatt+Lena Photography-1-9fashion photographystreet fashionfashion LisbonFashionfashion Zarafashion Europefashion lisbonfashion portugalines_PROOFING_2

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This was one of the first fashion projects we have collaborated on.  When Ajithaa, stylist from Prim In My Pumps approached us we jumped at the chance to work with her and Ines.  The idea was to explore Lisbon, it’s neighbourhoods, and spend the day enjoying the city’s rustic charm and general awesomeness!!!  Lisbon is one of those cities you can’t help but LOVE.

The fashion pieces Ajithaa choose for the day were great!  The black Missguided dress, the patterned Dolce & Gabbana spring dress from the latest collection was a favourite.  It so well reflected the colourful vibrancy of Lisbon.  The Black romper from Zara we acquired on the day, we saw it in the dressing window of the shop on Rua do Carmo and loved it instantly.

We photographed this session in March and while strolling around the city noticed that, just by chance, the weekend correlated with Lisbon Fashion Week!  We loved the posters, a homage to Melvin Sokolsky, one of our favourite fashion photographers.

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