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Meadhbh + Raymond, Edwardian style wedding in Sintra

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Meadhbh and Raymond got engaged here while on holiday, Raymond proposed in the romantic Quinta da Regaleria, and so it was decided from that moment on that they were going to elope / have a small wedding in Sintra, in the beautiful setting of the Seteais, a neoclassical palace just down the road from the Regaleria.

The Seteais Palace sits on the mountain overlooking the picturesque landscape below.  A vintage girl at heart, Meadhbh loved the old style hotel, and her edwardian style dress set the style for the wedding.  She found the gown at a vintage shop and had it tailored – on the spot – literally – she was sown into it on the day by the hotel seamstress!

The ceremony was intimate and wonderful, held in one of Seteais sun drenched foyers.  We took a stroll together though the hotel gardens and through the maze for some magical portraits.  It was a very romantic day, shared with the very closest of family and fiends.

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Ceremony and Reception Venue: Tivoli Seteais, Sintra  |  Wedding Officiant: Portugal Wedding Planners  |  Hair Stylist: Nuno Souto  |  Make up Artist: Joana Moreira