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We’re so happy you’re here!  Let’s have an adventure together and create something beautiful.

We love photographs that are full of life!  We use natural light, simplicity and instinct to capture your unique story in a beautiful way.  Our style is moment-driven and romantic.

We want to capture the life and spirit of your day, the people, the beauty, and the spontaneity!  We’re always looking for playful energy, beautiful light and genuine moments as they naturally unfold.  We want our photos to feel as if you are there, living in the moment.

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Matt is from the UK and Lena from Canada. We have travelled together through the Pacific, around the Mediterranean and along the North American east and west coast. We have photographed weddings from the South to the North of Portugal, in the Algarve, Alentejo, Sintra, and Douro as well as the Azores. We’ve captured love stories in Portugal, France, Slovenia, Poland, Canada and Australia.

We love exploring new places and spaces and are always ecstatic to photograph destination weddings. We love to travel and are available for weddings anywhere in Europe and further.

Lets explore together and have an adventure!


.   .   .   .   . LOVES all things retro.  LOVES to travel. Favourite place: Antigua, Caribbean … too many others are a close second.  LOVES the beach.   LOVES to dance, when no one’s watching.  FAVOURITE movie “Dirty Dancing” and most recently “Call Me By Your Name”.  Has a BA in photography from Ryerson University, Image Arts.  LOVES being a photographer

.   .   .   .   .   LOVES music and playing the guitar…all the time, {to the annoyance of Lena}  FAVOURITE musicians: David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Tom Waits…  LOVES Nick Knight’s Photography.  LOVES the idea of being a good cook, but has a very small repertoire AND is easily distracted by other people in the kitchen.  LOVES comedy.  FAVOURITE stand up: Daniel Kitson.  LOVES to travel.  Graduated from Bournemouth & Poole Art College.  LOVES being a photographer.



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