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Oli + Tom, Wedding in Azenha Do Mar, Portugal

Oli in freefall

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Oli and Tom met while sky diving – talk about free-falling in love!

That’s Oli in the photo above, photo taken by Tom – Great shot!

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Oli and Tom are both students, they live in the UK and love the quite mornings of the countryside.  Oli’s family is from Portugal, her mom grew up in Sintra and her grandmother still lives very close to Azenha Do Mar where Tom and Oli tied the knot.

It’s easy to fall in love with the landscape around here and it was an awesome choice to hire out an Airbnb villa where all your wedding guests can stay and party for the week!  It was truly a magical day, an intimate celebration with only the closest of family and friends attending.

It was our first wedding of the 2016 season, a rainy Saturday morning in April.  Oli and Tom and their wedding crew were busy DIY-ing for the day, adding the special little touches to the beautiful grounds of the vila.  Rain or shine these two were getting married outdoors!

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. . .there was some magic in the air that evening as we walked from the cliff tops to the beach . . .

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Ceremony and Reception Venue: Vila com Jardin de Luxo in Azenha do Mar, Sintra, Portugal

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We are hopeless romantics, so when Oli and Tom shared this photo of their proposal with us we just  melted.  They were engaged in Norway while on a dog sled ride….

“The proposal was photographed by one of the guys running the dogsledding (we had just come back from sledding across the lake and Tom was sneaky enough to ask them to take pictures before getting down on one knee – and without me knowing!).” – Oli

Norway wedding proposal