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Maggie + David, Wedding in Lisbon

A couple of days earlier, in the Algarve .   .   .

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.   .   .

Maggie and David live in Hong Kong, they got married in Portugal this summer at Palácio Marques de Fronteira, a beautiful estate in Lisbon.  While in Portugal they made a road trip to the Algarve for their engagement session on Alvor beach – certainly our favourite spot!  We walked in the clifftop gardens and the pretty beach coves and got to know these two lovebirds.

.   .   . The Wedding Day.

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.   .   .

Family and friends from across the world as well as from Portugal came to celebrate Maggie and David’s wedding in Lisbon at the beautiful Palacio Marques de Fronteira.  Their wedding was an eclectic mix of Portuguese and Chinese traditions.

The day buzzed with excitement! We are so excited to share a bit of their adventure…

.   .   .

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.   .   .

 Wedding Venue:  Palacio Marques de Fronteira, Lisbon, Portugal

.   .   .