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Bruce + Jess on the West Coast, Algarve

Aljezur photographervila do bispo

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So we took a road trip up to the outerworldly west coast beach near Vale do Bispo in the Algarve with Jess and Bruce this Autumn.  Bruce had just proposed to Jess a few days ago on this trip.  They are fellow Canadians from Toronto and we wanted to show them a quiter, less explored side of the Algarve.  The west coast is always so unique and unpredictable.  Magical mists rise in the evenings, the water shimmers as the sun dips on the horizon, the light is golden and the rocks soak it in and reflect it back in such a magical way that we are always at awe gazing into its landscapes.  With Jess and Bruce we took a stroll along the coast from one end of the beach, the tide was so far out that the other end looked like an infinity away.  A truly romantic landscape for such a romantic occasion.

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