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Livorno, Italy

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Matt and I have done many photo shoots in Algarve Portugal since we moved here but this shoot, in Livorno, Italy was one of the first Matt and I did together.   It was a very hot summer day, the sun was high in the sky, there was no breeze and the little boats on the canals were ever so still.  We had stumbled upon this place a week earlier while aimlessly wondering around town.  It had seemed as if everyone was a sleep except for us, and given that it was 2 pm on a random weekday in Italy, that probably was the case. Anyway, back to the little canal, it was a place time forgot.  I had visions of this photo shoot flashing through my head all week, Matt and I both knew we had to go back and shoot there.  I went through my wardrobe and put together a period ensemble that I felt reflected the time and mood of this place.  Kept my hair in curlers all night too.  We started shooting in the afternoon,  Mat and I fused our vision together, and we had a blast!  This is still one of my most favorite shoots.

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