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Foia, Monchique


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Before Matt and I moved to the Algarve we spent many holidays here.  While driving around we were amazed by the many abandoned houses that have become ruins.  One such ruin we saw on our way to the top of Foia the tallest peak in the Algarve.  It was late winter, early spring and still a little cold but we decided that there was something so lovely about the light and the texture and the feel of it that we parked on the side of the road and ventured closer.  After only a minute we had realized that we had stumbled into a stunning backdrop for our next shoot.  The following day we went back, initially we were going to call it off, the clear day from yesterday was now a cloudy, moody day, and lacked the feel we were hoping for.  But since we came all that way up with our gear and all, we decided to let the new mood of the place guide our vision.  In the end we were pleased by the outcome, it had a dramatic, romantic, moody, “Wuthering Heights” sort of feel.  We have still to return on a bright day to this ruin and photography it the way we initially intended, its a project that will come about soon, perhaps once the winter passes.

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