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Loida + Ljuba, Destination Wedding in Portugal

Loida and Ljuba were married this summer in the beautiful vineyard at Quinta De Sant’ Ana in Gradil just outside of Lisbon. They both live in Kuwait but have European heritage and a destination wedding in Portugal was a perfect meeting point for all!

Loida and Ljuba are a Serbian/Irish couple whose day was a fusion of their 2 cultures; – “think Rakiya shots after some Irish dancing!” – Loida

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“We first met in Kuwait at high school back in the late 90s-early ’00s. Our circle of friends overlapped but we were not close. Fast forward 12 years, after university and working abroad for some time, and we both found ourselves back in Kuwait! A mutual friend organised an informal reunion of a handful of our alumni. I thought “Damn! He cleaned up nicely!” Gone were the baggy pants and the too cool for school punk persona. In its place we’re slacks and a button down; he was preppy but had super funky shoes. And he was incredibly sweet! After a few meet ups, sparks started to fly!” – Loida

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The Proposal:

“We had been dating for 3 and a half years, and had traveled extensively together. They say its a good sign if a couple can travel together and not get irritated with one another! We had traveled to Cape Town, Oman, Dubai, Paris, Istanbul… He met my huge (loveable but somewhat intimidating) extended family in Ireland, I had gone sailing with his family in Croatia (a week on a boat with your potential future inlaws!). Travel is a mutual love of ours and leading a nomadic expat life was important to both of us. We recognised that in one another. He bought the ring around April of 2015 – with the help of 2 of my bridesmaids and friends. One hacked my Pinterest account and found ring styles I loved, one facilitated its delivery to Kuwait from the States. Everyone was in on it and knew it was coming! He was just looking for the right place and time. It ended up being Dubai! We were walking through DIFC after a lovely meal at Zuma and a bit too much sake… I did a little twirl and when I turned back round – he was on one knee! I just sort of gaped at him in shock for a few minutes! The hotel bar staff were sweet and kept the bar open for us to celebrate. We kept our engagement a secret until the next morning to just enjoy the moment.”

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Wedding Venue: Quinta de Sant’Ana, Gradil, Portugal   |   Wedding Planer and Stylist: Ann from Quinta de Sant’Ana

Hair and Make up: Raquel Raposo & Joana Moreira   |   Wedding Video: The Amazing Rabbit  |  Band: Cottas Club

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