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Zoe + Ben, Destination Wedding, Algarve

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Zoe and Ben tied the knot this summer at one of our favourite places in the Algarve.  The totally unique Boneca Bar is hidden in the rock formations out at Algar Seco, near Carvoeiro.  A network of rock pools and caves, that are pretty spectacular, “a walk of nature art created by erosion.” Most iconic is the large formation that, from the sea, is said to resemble a doll’s head: A Boneca.

These two are an amazing pair, planning a destination wedding while both studying for their doctors exams!  It was a beautiful celebration with family and friends, bursting with love and life, and an adventurous spirit.  The pair and their guests spent time exporing the caves, walking along the cliffs edges, even rock climbing to admire the sea and the coastline and the view as the sun set over the horizon.  

Both Zoe and Ben love to travel and Portugal was just a first stop on their epic adventure together!

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The spectacular cliffs of Algar Seco have long been a landmark in Carvoeiro, but that’s not just because of their natural beauty. They also hold a story that’s very much a part of the town itself.

Legend has it that, long ago, there lived a beautiful princess called Princess Alfanzina, who fell in love with a poor coaler (a carvoeiro). Her father disapproved of the relationship between his daughter and a commoner, so the youngsters would meet in secret at Algar Seco. It’s said that the king learnt of their secret meetings and, upon finding the two lovers, killed the Carvoeiro with a dagger and his body fell into the sea. Broken-hearted, the princess would return to the spot and mourn the loss of her lover. As her tears fell to the ground, they formed the holes in the rocks that we see today.

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Ceremony and Reception Venue: Boneca Bar, Carvoeiro   |   Wedding Planner: Weddings by Sonho a Dois

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