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Ellie + Jake, Beach Wedding in Algarve

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These two sweet hearts tied the knot this summer with a pretty beach wedding in Algarve, Portugal.  Their romantic ceremony was all about the sun and the sea!  They spent the day with their toes in the sand and wind in their hair.  It was a super fun party and we had a blast hanging out catching some rays and some moments!  Ellie and Jake love the Algarve and have often traveled to this favourite spot – they dreamed of their destination wedding in this little romantic corner of the world –  and it was perfect!

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Venue: 2 Passos  |  Wedding Planner: Algarve Events  |  Band: Daddy Jack Band  |  Florist: Suzannah’s Flowers  |  Make -up: Marissa Francisco  |  Hair: Abi Parker

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