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Wedding Engagement in Kościelisko, Zakopane, Poland – Lauren + Greg

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We met up with Greg and Lauren on a rainy summer day in Kościelisko.  Across the street from Samanta’s cafe was ther ceremony venue, a stuning old wooden church nestled in the forest.  As they finalised all their wedding plans inside for the following day, we waited out the rain over some coffe and cream cake.  There is something about summer rain that is magical, it last only a short while and afterwards the most briliant shnshine makes everythign glisten.  It made for a beautiful setting for our engagement session as we explored the small village of Kościelisko together.  From the pretty village streets and dirt forest paths to the beautiful vistas overlooking the valleys and the Tetra Mountain range.  This place is skiing heaven in the winter but pretty amazing in the summer too!

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Greg and Luren are both from the U.S with lots of family in Poland!  Their destination wedding in Kościelisko was just one of two big celebrations they were planning this year!  They are also going to have a big bash at home in Michigan in 2 weeks time!  We hope it rocks just as much as their Polish wedding did!

We love how our weddings take us to some unexpected places.  Hiden gems tucked away in the middle of nowhere.  Koschielisko is such a place and we we’re so psyched to come back here, the Tetra mountains are stuning and we got a chance to spend some time in Zakopane too.  We first visited this place in 2014  for another awesome destination wedding.  We fell in love with this place and hoped we would come back again!  Greg and Lauren had an amazing celebration and we are so excited to share their wedding story on our blog soon!

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