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Wedding in the Azores, Andrea + Frank

wedding in Azoreswedding in AzoresTerceira AzoresTerceira AzoresTerceira AzoresTerceira AzoresTerceira Azores

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We had an amazing summer of 2015!  Just one of the highlights was our adventure to the Azores.  Andrea and Frank’s wedding was celebrated in Terceira, an island in the Azores archipelago, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

We had an awesome time scouting locations for the wedding on our road trip around the island – which included visiting many natural swimming holes – and of course diving and swimming in them all!  Then driving up the Serra da Santa Barbara for some amazing views over the landscape, and visiting picturesque villages and beaches.

Andrea and Frank live in Los Angeles, but Frank used to spend his childhood summers in the Azores where he still has lots of family.  It was an amazing day with every minute full of laughter and excitement – there were even two ceremonies!  These two crazy kids couldn’t quite decide whether they wanted a sea side blessing or a traditional church wedding so they had both in one day –  hence the super long post! xo

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Venue: Quinta da Nasce-Agua, Angra Do Heroismo, Terceira, Azores

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