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Sinead and Patrick, destination wedding in the Algarve

It was hot September day in Portugal when Sinead and Partick tied the knot.  The wedding took place in Estoi, a small town outside Loule in the Algarve.   After the ceremony everyone enjoyed some ice cream and cold beer at a bar across the street before heading off to Os Agostos for the reception.  The marquee was beautiful and everyone shared laughs and memories over the old polaroids laid on the table as seating placements.  The evening was emotional, full of happy tears and the night was full of Irish tunes from the Six Irish Men wedding band – everyone was on the dance floor.

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Wedding planners: Algarve Wedding Planners

Band: Six Irish Men Band

Venue: Os Agosotos

Make Up:  Marisa Francisco

DJ: DJ Tiggy

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