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Inside Magazine, Lagos & The Western Algarve


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About 3 months back we received an e mail from Inside Magazine, Lagos & The Western Algarve asking us if we would do an interview about Matt + Lena Photography for a feature in their magazine.  We were pretty excited.   We met the journalist at the Lagos marina at a cafe.  During the interview I rambled on due to my inexplicable nerves (why was I nervous?) and often trailed off as I forgot what I was saying being distracted by Matt laughing at me! {Lena}

Yes, it was funny how Lena rambled on, went off on odd tangents and answered questions the interviewer didn’t even ask! It also made me laugh how the article said I was a keen surfer, I seem to give that impression – I’ve only been surfing once!  But that should change soon.  Maybe.  {Matt}

Anyways, it’s always great to see our work in print. I would say ‘pick up a copy’ but you can only get this magazine in Portugal! Please click on any of the photo pages to link to the online version of the magazine!

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