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Alvor {…wedding perfection}


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We are so grateful to be able to see this beach every day from our balcony, and enjoy every sun set.  I can’t wait for the summer, for those super hot days where you just wanna go for a swim every ten minutes. The ocean can be quite cold, I have found this beach in particular though to be the warmest and calmest for swimming and therefore the most enjoyable.  As wedding photographers, we see a lot of wedding venues, and they’re all pretty in their own way, but this is where I want my wedding blessing and reception to be.  I want the blessing to be on a little fishing boat floating just off the coast, and the reception to be outside of a little restaurant tucked in amongst the cliffs.  Some candles, lanterns, a full moon and a bbq, for my small gathering of family and friends.   How can anything be more perfect.

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