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Wanderlust, New Zealand Campervan Trip

2020 has been an odd year, but it has given us a lot of time to reflect and catch up on old projects. So we’ve taken the opportunity to revisit some of the photos we never had time to edit and were always siting in the ‘to do ‘ pile (for 3 years!). 

Our 2017 trip to New Zealand was a highlight and a tick off the bucket list.  We spent over 3 weeks campervanning around the South Island.  Always surrounded by surreal scenery and sheep. 

We hope you enjoy looking though some of our travel photos, we just wanted to start off 2021 with sweet wanderlust, as we will not be traveling anywhere this winter, here’s dreaming of the next big travel adventure!

Happy New Year!

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P.S. That’s Matt bungee jumping in Queensland

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PPS: Following our New Zealand trip we flew over to Sydney, Astralia for Milly and Dan’s amazing wedding, check out their story:

Milly + Dan, Farm Wedding in NSW Australia

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