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RiK + Raquel, under the olive tree in Tavira

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RiK and Raquel tied the knot in Tavira, Portugal this September.  It was the 21st, the first day of Autum, and a beautiful day. This was the first time (so far) we had been to Tavira so we decided to stay a few days, and we loved it.  The town was charming, full of canals and street musicians, it felt like we were on a holiday.  The wedding ceremony was held at Pedras D’el Rey around a small stone amphitheater endearingly called by RiK the “Flintstone “ amphitheater.  Now this was the official name we received from RiK and Raquel on their wedding schedule/itinerary, so we went into the reception, totally serious, asking for directions as to where it is, where we were met with a puzzled look by the receptionist.  We proceeded to show her the itinerary, which by the way looked like this-

It all ran like clockwork – on Portuguese time.  And if you have ever been to Portugal, you know what I mean.

On the way to the alter RiK was stung 3 times by a wasp that flew up his trousers!  But as they say, no pain no gain,  and so despite the suffering it was the best day of his life! (thats all we are going to say about that!)

Who stings a man on his wedding day – honestly!

This wedding was a laid back affair with emphasis on fun, and loads of fun it was!  These 2 are the cutest pair and we are so happy they shared their day with us.

Thank You RiK And Raquel.

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