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As Matt and and my wedding celebration date approaches I have been looking for all sorts of inspiration from dresses to decor, I have slowly been piecing everything together .  As I looked through so many beautiful inspiration shoots from photographers and wedding blogs from every corner of the world I got inspired to do a little photo shoot myself , a kind of wedding I would love to have.

Having our work published on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings is so incredible.

Thank you so much Louise for sharing our work on your amazing inspiration blog!

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I imagined a wedding that would serve food that people can enjoy with fresh picked herbs from the table centerpieces, some nice brie and presunto starters on fresh baguette, some lovely refreshing salads in the hot sun, and some hearty stews in the evening to keep warm when the sun goes down.  Accompanied by lots and lots of wine.

 This photo shoot was inspired by that idea, and then we added a rosemary and bay leaf bouquet, which smelled amazing and a DIY wreath made with a string of twine, few branches of rosemary, lavender and bay leaves.

 This is great because all the herbs are now decorating my balcony garden and the dried herbal bouquet and wreath are hanging in my kitchen.  Maybe it can be a new trend, instead of saving a piece of cake in the freezer for years, save your herbal bouquet and use it to cook with, put a little romance in every meal!  ( I love to cook so I like this idea.)

 Everything in this photo shoot was a DIY project, I even baked the honey and rosemary cup cakes myself!

 The cups and plates and silverware and other cool table things were supplied by Francesca’s, also know as , Matt’s moms kitchen.

 Oh and the dress! The dress has a story of its own!  A thrifty find at a second hand store in Ketchikan, Alaska.  It was one of those “NO WAY…IS THIS A VINTAGE WEDDING DRESS??? $20!!!!  WE CAN SO USE THIS FOR A PHOTO SHOOT!”

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