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Gale Beach

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Gale Beach is located slightly west of Albufeira.  It’s got ideal surfing waves for this time of year.  We fell in love with it the moment we saw it, it was vast, and beautifully lit by the evening sun.    On the left the sand and the water shimmered into the distance, on the right was a twisted pathway of red rocks, shrubs and flowers, and a single cafe, stylish and trendy.  There are countless of beaches in the Algarve similar to this one along the south and the west coast and we tend to fall in love with nearly all of them!  I find beaches magical in the way a single grain of sand can catch the light  in such a way that can make  you feel like you’re looking into a dense universe scattered with stars, or the way the sound of the waves can make you melt into a calm and tranquil state.  Perhaps I romanticize too much about the beach but I’ve always been drawn to it and I perfectly understand why one dreams of getting married on a beach, it’s just so perfectly designed for romance.  The last few shots were from our drive back home, a low fog was lifting from the ground as the temperature changed so drastically from a hot day to a winters night.  The view only lasted a few moments before it got too dark to see.
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