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While Matt was sleeping

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For Matt’s birthday last year we went and stayed at the Longevity Spa and Resort in Monchique, Portugal.   On the night of his birthday we went to the resorts restaurant that had an amazing menu.    I always felt that this place would make a wonderful wedding venue.  The chairs and tables are all white iron, very french style,  and there are old white washed cupboards with lovely china on display and windows from top to bottom.  The menu was even more impressive and we went with a 5 course meal each accompanied by a glass of different wine of the Chefs choosing.  Needless to say that by the end we were both a bit tipsy, that may have been due to the fact that we had already drunk a bottle of wine before we went out.  When we got back to the room Matt collapsed on the bed and promptly fell asleep snoring.  I on the other hand was awake and buzzing.  With nothing else to do and my camera still strapped around my neck I thought I’d experiment with a self portrait.  These are a few photos that I though came out cool from that night.

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